Guide to Genome Island
Welcome to Genome!.  Genome island is a place to explore genetics. As Dr. Norval Kneten, Dean of Science and Humanities at Texas Wesleyan (Now President of Barton College) used to say "Science is the next best thing to recess!"   The island was designed to support genetics classes for university undergraduates studying biology, but anybody interested in science is welcome to come and play. 



Physics law of SL Solar System

What shape of SL Earth?
Sphere or plane?
How to observe?

Is SL Earth rotating or not?
How to observe?

Is SL Earth moving or not?
Is SL Sun moving or not?
How about SL Moon?
Think relation between SL Earth, Sun and Moon.
How to observe?

Why 3 hours daytime and 1 hour nighttime in SL?
Think SL solar system model.
How to proof?

Earth & Life Evolution/ 地球と生物の進化

Earth and Life Evolution

Nutural Hystory Museum of Vienna

Jules Verne/ ジュール・ヴェルヌ

St. Michell- The Jules Verne Museum

Five weeks in a Balloon/ 気球に乗って五週間


Ancient Ruins Reconstruction- BC/ 遺跡の復元(紀元前)

Museum Island

Location: Second Life: Whatever (109, 181, 23) from 22 Jan, 2017
Creater: Carlolello Zapatero
Contact parsons: Morgan Darkrose, JohnNoone Resident, Merril Baxton (Avatar name)

There are 29 reconstruction of ancient ruins of Egypt, Italy, Iraq, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, France, Lybia, Ethiopia, Spain and Afghanistan.


Location: Second Life: Sun Isle (143, 122, 23)
Parcel Owner: Kleopâtra VII Philopator (Doroty Davies)
Creator: Elio Donat, robin Colinsgrove, MarKenn Tatham

Museums of Archaeology, Buttercup Isle

Location: Second Life: Buttercup Isle (128, 111, 3001)
Parcel Owner: QVINTVS PETILIVS SECVNDVS (Severusalexander Resident)
Creator: Petrvs Cornelivs Silvanvs (Peter Woody)

Ancient Egypt, Terra Egypta

Location: Second Life: Terra Egypta (193, 227, 23)
Estate Owner/ Creator: Kamille Demina

Great Pyramid of Giza/ ギザの大ピラミッド, 2560 BC
Second Life: Nile Valley (211, 223, 23)

Great Sphinx of Giza/ ギザの大スフィンクス,  2558–2532 BC
Second Life: Lower Nile Valley (227, 39, 22)
You can teleport to the deorama of Giza plateau from TP ball beside of Sphinx's left forefoot.