Chinese – English Conversation

Activity 20 – Chinese – English Conversation

Developed by Dali Tan and Greg Perrier


In this activity a Chinese language student from NOVA and an English language student from China will meet and talk, first in Chinese for at least 5 minutes and then in English for at least 5 minutes. Besides developing a greater proficiency in the language you are studying, you should develop a deeper understanding of the other student’s culture and lifestyle.


The Forest Ecology Activity

Handout for the Forest Ecology Activity

Developed by Dr. Greg Perrier, NOVA


NOVA has a campus in a virtual world called Second Life (SL).  On this virtual campus there is a forest very similar to the forests you would see on the real NOVA campuses.   Because of the high tick population with the corresponding risk on Lyme’s disease we have stopped taking students into the real forest, but we can still conduct interactive forest ecology activities in the forest on NOVA’s Second Life campus.  In this activity you will collect data on the number of trees by species in three different plots and from this data will be able to determine relative frequency, relative density, and relative basal area for the different tree species.  For Bio 102 classes, you will be provided with an Excel Program that does these calculations for you and you need only interpret the results.  For an Ecology class, you will be asked to do these calculations.

The Chinese Language Activity

Handout for the Chinese Language Activity

Developed by Dr. Greg Perrier and Dr. Dali Tan, NOVA

For this activity you will be visiting Chinese Island, part of the virtual campus of Monash University in Melbourne Australia. Kaylee West is the avatar name of the Chinese language professor at Monash University who manages Chinese Island. Your Chinese language professor will provide you with detailed instructions on what you are to do at the Chinese Island.


The Geology of the Grand Canyon

Activity 19 - The Geology of the Grand Canyon
Prepared by Greg Perrier, NOVA


NOVA has a campus in a virtual world called Second Life. In this activity you will travel on this campus to a model of the Grand Canyon found in Arizona and examine the different sedimentary strata that form the wall of the canyon. By the time you finish this activity you should have a much better understanding and appreciation of this amazing geological feature.