Handout for the Education Portal

Developed by Greg Perrier
Northern Virginia Community College


 Welcome to the Education Community Portal.  Contained on the 10 levels of this tower is the collective knowledge of a group of people on how to use virtual worlds as an effective educational tool. It allows you to see what other educators are doing, to examine the different tools and interactive objects used for education, to review the different ways educators use virtual worlds, and to understand the many lessons learned from years of using virtual worlds as an educational tool. There is a huge amount of information available at the portal and it is impossible to absorb it all in one or two visits.  The portal is a resource that one visits repeatedly as their understanding of education in virtual worlds develops. 

 The portal does not offer a basic orientation on how to operate in a virtual world.  It is assumed you have completed such an orientation.  If you still need to visit such an orientation, there are panels that will take you to orientation regions on the second level (Ground 2). There are instructions in the Ground 2 section below on how to use these panels to move (teleport) to different regions in Second Life and return to the Education Portal.

 This handout is meant to be a reference to help you quickly find information on a specific topic.  It covers what topics are covered on each of the 10 levels.  Each level is a ring and the information is organized in a clockwise direction starting at the landing site.  Several levels have circles in the middle of the ring where additional information is available.

 On each level you will find a bright pink cone pointing up.  Left click on this to teleport up one level.  On the floors above the lowest level, you will also see a bright light blue cone pointing down, left clicking on this moves you down one level.  Click on the square to see an image.