Guide to Genome Island
Welcome to Genome!.  Genome island is a place to explore genetics. As Dr. Norval Kneten, Dean of Science and Humanities at Texas Wesleyan (Now President of Barton College) used to say "Science is the next best thing to recess!"   The island was designed to support genetics classes for university undergraduates studying biology, but anybody interested in science is welcome to come and play. 

There are four sections on the Island.  The Abbey and Gardens deal with inheritance patterns (遺伝型).  The Tower houses molecular genetics, human genetics and bacterial and Drosophila (ショウジョウバエ) genetics.  The Gene Pool, still under development, will have models for population genetics. The Terrace overlooks a mix of exhibits with animal models, and the Garden of Prokaryote (原核生物) Genomes.   The Atelier is the sandbox for students and others working on new activities for Genome Island.  Below you will find a full listing of activities in each of these locations. 
Abbey, Gardens and Greenhouse

The Abbey of St. Thomas
    Meeting Place
    Historical Displays about Mendel
    Basic Inheritance (遺伝的形質) Slideshow
    Punnett Squares (プネットの方形) Slideshow
    *Teleports between lower and upper levels by the door
Greenhouse, Orangerie  and Corn Patch(Southeast of the Abbey)
    Single factor cross with peas
        F1 => F2
        F2 => F3
    Double factor cross with peas
    Inheritance of color in corn
    Guess the Parents
    Notebook for Chi Square Analysis
    The Mating Game
    The Pansy Challenge
    Teleport Panel 
South Garden
   Dihybrid cross with Flowers
   Teleport Panel  
   Genome Science Theater

 North Garden (North of the Abbey)
    Intermediate Dominance
    Monohybrid Test Cross
    Dihybrid (二遺伝子雑種) Test Cross and Linkage
    Inheritance in bees (under construction)

    The Cattery:
            Inheritance of coat colors in cats (includes sex linkage)

          Eukaryotic Cell (真核細胞) Model
                    See directions to enter and leave cell
                    Teleport to Chromosome (染色体) Gallery
            Prokaryotic Cell (原核細胞) Model
                    Click for teleport to Garden of Prokaryotes
            Teleport Panel
            The Bunny Hutch (ウサギ小屋)  Gene interaction in rabbit coat color inheritance
    Garden of Prokaryotes
            Teleport to Bacterial Genetics at Entrance
            Selected Bacterial Genomes
    Gazebo:  nice place to sit and chat.
    Mixollama herd:  Genetic Recombination and Diversity

The Tower:  Molecular Genetics (分子遺伝学) and other things
The Tower currently holds 21 sections.  These have been arranged so that as you walk up the tower, you will build on information and activities encountered on the lower levels.  A few areas of the tower have been left open for the addition of new activities. 
    Tower Entrance
            Teleports to Abbey and Terrace
    Section 1:  Max Chatnoir's Office
            Genome Island and Wesleyan T shirts
            Conference Terrace
            Teleport Panel
    Sections 2-3:  Genes and DNA
            Evidence linking DNA to genes
            Watson-Crick DNA Model
            DNA Replication
    Sections 4:  Genes and Proteins
            Protein Primer
            Genetic basis for sickle cell disease
            Genetic Coding
            Translating Ribosome
            Translation Challenge
            Mutant Genes and Mutant Proteins
            Teleport to Giant Ribosome (リボソーム) near Gene Pool
     Section 5:  Techniques for Genetic Analysis
             DNA Sequencing
     Section 6:  Genome Organization
            Genomes as Regulatory Networks
            Structure of Eukaryotic Chromosomes
            Exons and Introns in Eukaryotes          
            The E coli lac operon  
            Gene Organization in Prokaryotes
            Gene Organization in Eukaryotes
    Sections 7-11:  The Human Genome
                 The Chromosome Cafe
                    Models of 24 human chromosomes
                            Sample genes from most chromosomes
                            Model of human mitochondrial genome
                  The Genetic Lottery
                    Nuclear and mitochondrial inheritance patterns
                  Pedigree analysis
                  One Man's Genome
                  Chromosome T-shirts and coffee cups!
                        Take the Genetics Quiz and get a free T shirt!
                  Variations in Human Karyotypes (核型)
                  Comparisons of Genome Organization:
                        Human and Chimpanzee chromosomes
                        Human and Macaque (オナガザル科マカク属) chromosomes
                        Human and Mouse chromosomes
                        Teleport to Eukaryotic Genome Boardwalk
                        Teleport to the Bioinformatics Kitchen
                     Cross-species protein comparisons
                       Mitochondrial DNA (ミトコンドリアDNA) from extinct species
                       Gene Duplication and color vision
                       Historical Genetics
                       Bioinformatics Gateway Panel
                       Link to Origin Unknown
                       Return Teleport to the Tower
                Human Genetics
                        Blood Type Inheritance
                        Eye Color Inheritance
                        Human beta globin variants
    Section 12;  Bacterial Genetics
            Sex in Bacteria
            Transformation Experiments
              Transduction Experiments
            (Conjugation Experiments under construction)
            Teleport to the Garden of Prokaryotic Genomes
    Sections  13-15:  The Fly Rooms   
            Male and Female Fruit Flies
            Drosophila (ショウジョウバエ) Life Cycle
            Single Factor cross with flies (wild x ebony)
            Chromatographic separation of Drosophila eye pigments
            Three point Test Cross
            Drosophila Genome Information
            Microscope with Polytene Chromosomes    
            Information shelf with links to Genes and Evolution
     Sections 16-19:  Currently Unoccupied (Expansion space)
     Section 20 (Top floor):  The Music Room
              Play the Piano
              Listen to Genetic Music
              Annotated Lysozyme Model

The Gene Pool
        Population Genetics (under construction)
        Sit down and enjoy the ducks!
        Genetics Atelier (Terrace area east of the Gene Pool)
                Sandbox for Students and Coworkers
        Ribosome Row:  Protein Synthesis
        Gateway to Biome
        Teleport Panel

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